Zora Neal Hurston argumentative essay arguing

TOPIC: Zora Neal Hurston argumentative essay arguing “Zora Neal Hurston lived ahead of her time, but she still plays an active role in today’s society relating to current world issues such as racism, social status, and gender roles”.

Assignment: Create a plan for a 1500 word cultural analysis essay on one of the themes you discover in Zora Neale Hurston’s work. In this essay, you will present your interpretation of how the text and context illuminate the significance of this issue in our contemporary world. You must use at least three scholarly, secondary sources found in the library databases to support your analysis. You may develop and organize your essay plan by completing either the Essay Planning Sheet or the Outline Template provided. To plan this essay, complete the following steps: 1. Consider the themes presented in the assigned texts. 2. Develop a thesis statement that establishes your position on the theme. 3. Identify the supporting topics based on your thesis statement that will guide each section of your argument. 4. Find a quote or other useful information for each supporting topic that will serve as evidence for each supporting topic and include citation. 5. Evaluate the supporting topics and evidence and rearrange your topic order as needed. 6. Develop your conclusion. 7. Develop your introduction. 8. Submit the completed Essay Planning Sheet or Outline Template

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Zora Neal Hurston argumentative essay arguing
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Must be cited with MLA 8

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