Youth Culture and Net Culture.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Youth Culture and Net Culture. The use of technology redefines these two concepts. Technology, especially ICT brings a lot of possibilities to the interaction aspect of society. Unlike in the past when one could only interact with those within the same demography or location, ICT brings new possibilities with people made to interact with those far-flung away from them. Technology has enabled people o shop in markets millions of kilometers away. The music produced and loved by one group of people is uploaded on YouTube and is instantaneously received by another group of people millions of miles away from its producers (UNESCO).

With the factuality of the online interactions and the possibilities that the website brought, the geographical barriers were soon breached and a new concept of the global village was incepted. A village is a small place. a person in a village possibly knows several others and can easily reach them should need arise. The internet and other developments in ICT made the world appear as such. People share markets without and interactions have intensified with geographical locations not bearing much importance or even being a barrier as was in the former ages.

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Youth Culture and Net Culture.
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The new developments affected the current day youth the most. Youth is a young person between teenage and adulthood. This is an individual in the nineteen to thirty age brackets. This group of people has been affected much by the developments of the internet since most of the social interactions platforms were developed in their times. Such online interaction networks such as Facebook, Twitter, my space, YouTube among other commonly used platforms were developed well within the last ten years. The youth have embraced these new developments thereby completely transforming their lifestyles.

The newly developed forms of interactions defined a new society thereby bringing a whole new culture. This new society is formed online. While logged on to Facebook or Twitter, one easily manages a list of friends. depending on the personality traits of the individual, the list can get as far he or she deems fit. These friends are not physically known yet are highly held and appreciated.

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