Written Assignment Questions about Orgamisation Management.

Need help with my writing homework on Written Assignment Questions about Orgamisation Management. Write a 3000 word paper answering; He implies that there should not only be one beneficiary of an organization saying that both the employer and the employee must gain a certain level of benefits that would be commensurate to the effort that both employee and employer has put in. His main objective was to increase productivity of the workers. He noticed that workers had their own way of doing their work even without any specific instructions on how it should be done. This discovery led to the conclusion that if the employees are left to their devises it made them lose efficiency and that they were not maximizing their abilities. He then introduced a solution of having supervisors to teach and help the workers do their work the right way.

He further analyzed the actions and responsibilities that are essential in any job within the organization and developed processes for the jobs could be done in the most efficient ways possible. With the improved processes, the job requirements were coupled with the training of the workers and the support of the supervisors. They come in the type of right direction, assistance and incentives.

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Written Assignment Questions about Orgamisation Management.
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With this, he included four principles guiding actions. First of the four principles is develop for every job a “science” that includes rules of motion, standardized work implements and proper working conditions. The second principle is to select worker with the right abilities for the job. The third is to carefully train workers to do the job and give them the proper incentives in cooperate with the job “science”. And the last principle is to support workers by carefully planning their work and by smoothing the way as they go about their jobs (Schermerhorn, 2007).

The first principle says that any job should have guidelines of how to do implement the job.

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