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Chapter 13
2 I think that both of these companies would bring beneficial aspects to that partnership. P&G is such a huge conglomerate of companies that spans just about every person in the shopping environment and they offer so many different products. Google already has advertising in place on may platforms. This marketing partnership would reach many people in many markets. 
4 In an organizational setting, power and authority are two different things. Authority is the formal control given by the organizations hierarchy to people that are in charge on the ladder of authority, where power “is the ability of one person or department in an organization to influence other people to bring about desired outcomes” (Daft, 2016, p. 523). A lower level employee can use their relationships to influence other people or departments to get their goal accomplished even though they have no position or rank that would indicate this authority.
7 I would say that this employee did not have much power. There is a possibility to increase power that he could have got more people, at any level, to believe his theory. This could have been by using facts that he has, or even just gaining their friendship in a political way. 
9 I agree mostly with this. I find at work that many decisions are made based on this reciprocity aspect. If I help a department out then they feel as though they “owe” me one. As an example, I help our IT department out a lot with computer issues on the production floor. If there is ever anything I need from them, they are usually more apt to help me than other people requesting help. Whether it is good or bad, I do not really try to give more assistance to people due to reciprocity. I typically try to just be helpful to people that need it. 
Daft, R. L. (2016). Organization theory & design (12 ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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Write a reply for the post below with a minimum of 200 words
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