Write a 6 pages paper on whole food versus processed food.

Write a 6 pages paper on whole food versus processed food. A number of differences exist between processed food and whole food in the sense that the consumption state, health consequences, and handling are different. Primarily, a vast majority of whole foods constitute natural foods that farmers can grow on the ground and eaten naturally without the necessity to process such foods. On the other hand, processed foods usually come as highly refined food that a person can take at his/her convenient time. Processed food is convenient in the sense that it is usually packaged and one can buy it and eat it later. Whole foods in this category may include whole grains while the processed foods may include processed and tinned meat (Dawn, 2015).

When it comes to durability, it is worth mentioning that whole food usually spoils first while processed food items last longer because they have been refined. In essence, processed foods are more durable than whole foods because they contain chemical preservatives that prevent them from going bad. In addition, processed foods have some enticing taste because of the high level of sugar in them. The whole foods lack such flavor because they are natural. However, one realizes that the whole food is better because one does not get hungry fast after consuming the whole food. Processed food is highly refined and light because it does not contain fiber. The lack of fiber in processed food does not only make to have a soft texture, but it also leads to hunger because it cannot satisfy a hungry person (Scrinis, 2013).

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Write a 6 pages paper on whole food versus processed food.
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Although no notable discrepancy exists between processed food and whole food in terms of visual appeal, a huge difference comes in when it comes to the nutritional value of both foods. Since processed food is highly refined, one gets the feeling that it lacks some of the nutrients necessary for a healthy life. Besides, processed food has been laced with chemical additives and preservatives that make it even more unsafe and unhealthy for human beings. One cannot notice the taste of the preservatives because of the presence of chemical enhancers that enhance the sweet flavor. Overall, the processed food items look more appealing to the eye than the whole foods although one derives maximum satisfaction from the whole food items

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