Write a 5 pages paper on far from the tree

Write a 5 pages paper on far from the tree. Through this, the author exemplifies cases of sparkling humanity that speaks volume to parent’s impulse to give their children the best.

In this world, nothing is more satisfying and rates better to a parent than to have successful and devoted children. In the same strength, it can be heartbreaking beyond repairs for parents with children exhibiting abnormal characteristics such as failure of the children to conform to the known standards. Because of the transmission of some of the identity from one generation to another, most children tend to correspond to their parents in some way. The genes are transmitted through the genetic strands known as DNA, which pass the genetic information from the parents to the child (Solomon, 2012). It is inevitable for children not to resemble the parent in some way. As such, to control and influence the child to conform to standard behaviors is a long-life mission each parent.

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Write a 5 pages paper on far from the tree
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Basically, a parent is the children as they represent them in many aspects. The sense of being a parent can never leave someone who has braved all the developmental stages of the baby from fertilization to birth and child-rearing, Solomon argues. A baby cannot exist alone as they are part of the relationship. As much as they are our best admirers, they can also be our worst distractors. Ironically, most people take pride in how different they are from their parents but they are endlessly sad about how their children are different from them (Solomon, 2012). It is, therefore, hard for parents to confront cases of abnormal medical conditions such as autism and dwarfism. As Solomon notes, parents can expend an enormous deal of energy to rectify such abnormalities. It stresses them as it does to the child as the child also have to live with that fear, regret and constant ridicule from peers for the perceived defective traits.

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