Write 7 pages thesis on the topic the concept of cosmopolitan democracy

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic the concept of cosmopolitan democracy. Later on, other important issues such as global environmental problems, global justice system, crimes against humanity and economic and cultural globalisation added to the global peace concern. The concept of cosmopolitan democracy was supposed to resolve or at least alleviate these global problems.

The main idea of cosmopolitan democracy is to design and implement “a system of governance arising from and adapting to the diverse conditions and interconnections between different peoples and nations”. David Held and Daniele Archibugi, the most renowned European theorists of cosmopolitan democracy, argue that although democracy has gained universal acclaim as the best form of political establishment after fall of the Iron Curtail and end of the Cold War, it influences only domestic level, while the realm of international relations remains practically unaffected by democratic processes. International institutions, including the United Nations organization and European Union do not care much about democratisation of their activities which results in lack of accountability and restricted public access to information. The risk is that if this tendency remains, democratic forms of governance will give up to authoritarianism.

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Write 7 pages thesis on the topic the concept of cosmopolitan democracy
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Cosmopolitanism offers an alternative that helps effectively fight the tendency of increasing authoritarianism. Held and Archibugi provide detailed explanation of their vision of international cosmopolitan democracy. Seven basic assumptions shape the intrinsic logic of cosmopolitan democracy.

Firstly, the sovereignty of the nation states must be restricted by increasing numbers of international treaties and conventions. Secondly, the existing international governing structures must be reformed to provide a better opportunity for international dialogue and democratic decision-making. Thus, Derk Bienen, another known theorist of cosmopolitan democracy, claims that in order to achieve these goals the UN must establish a second chamber consisting of members elected directly by people, the veto-right of the Security Council should be limited, and the system of international courts has to be strengthened and reformed in a way to provide better protection for individuals. Initially, the UN was founded not as an assembly of democratic states: the primary purpose of this organization was to prevent military conflicts similar to WWII.

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