Write 5 pages thesis on the topic fear of flying

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic fear of flying. According to this research, most people did not employ an effective posttreatment flight to determine the results. The main problem emanated from the fact that it was difficult and costly to use real planes to study fear of flying (Rothbaum et al., 2000). This persists as a problem, although the number of those who fear flying is drastically increasing. It is a point of concern when many people are unable to fly because of ungrounded fear. This is the reason that propelled the researcher to dig deep into factors and consequences associated with fear of flying.

Forty-nine participants were chosen and randomly allotted to practical reality exposure therapy and the standard exposure treatment. This study included eight distinct sessions covering 6 weeks. Five participants with one therapist boarded the same plane after paying a subsidized fee. The introduction of air ticket was to scare away joyriders but give serious people a therapy session that could change their lives.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic fear of flying
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Anxiety management sessions took four full sessions alternated with either exposure to a practical airplane or a real plane at the air depot. The study also involved an actual posttreatment of passengers on a commercial plane. The interest was to determine the level of willingness of subjects to fly and determine the state of anxiety among the participants. The research uses the fear of flying rating tool on each participant.

The findings revealed that both Virtual reality exposure and standard exposure ranked higher than wait-list control. Additionally, there seemed to be no discernable difference between virtual reality exposure and standard exposure. As a way of harnessing the benefits of the study, there followed six months of observation. After the six-month posttreatment, much virtual reality exposures and standard exposure subjects had flown (Rothbaum et al., 2000). There was substantial support for virtual reality exposure and standard exposure as treatment modalities for fear of flying individuals.

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