World Cultures

“Ancient Greece and Athletics” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

Describe the ancient Greek competitive character, and compare the ancient Olympics (as a festival featuring athletics) to the Olympics today, identifying any major differences. Explain what the Olympic rules regarding females and evidence, such as the “running girl” artifact, reveal about female status and Greek athletics in particular Greek city-states.

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World Cultures
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Ancient Greek Athletics and Female Status

British Museum’s Running Girl artifact at (click on ‘detail”);  and
Philadelphia’s Penn Museum on Women and Greek athletics at

“Ancient Greece and Athletics”
An adequate response to this discussion question will require at least 3 paragraphs, using supporting evidence from the materials found in the Explore links provided in the question.  You do not need to use any other supporting evidence.  But if you do, please cite your references properly.
The first paragraph will describe “the ancient Greek competitive character.” What characteristics separated the Greek understanding of competition with the Egyptian lack of competition in their society?   How did the Greek view make them a different society than their contemporaries?

The second paragraph will compare the ancient Greek Olympic games with our modern version of the Olympics.  Clearly identify any similarities and differences you believe to exist.
The final paragraph will “explain what the Olympic rules regarding females, and evidence such as the running girl artifact, reveal about female status in Greek society.  Use specific examples that show how particular Greek city states viewed the women of their civilization.
 You are not limited to the use of just 3 paragraphs, but you will not be able to provide an adequate response to the question without using 3 paragraphs.  Remember that an APA paragraph is at least 3 complete sentences, and that these sentences should contain proper spelling and gramm

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