workforce 2025 report

Research Assignment
Final Individual Paper (20 points)
Workforce 2025
You have been appointed by your organization/business (either hypothetical or real) to prepare its Workforce 2025 Report. Using federal guidelines, your texts and other available and related resources (such as found in the Webliography and such sites as CIA Online) and your research done for the Short Homework Assignments you are to forecast what the economic, social and demographic parameters are expected to be in our country in the year 2025 and how those trends will or will not be reflected in your business. Provide support for your projections using APA cited resources and the trends in your own organization. The report should be prepared as a detailed Summary (exclusive of cover page, references, and any appendices). This means that it includes the essence of your content with examples of specific applications to your company, in clear, concise, and informative language. 
The paper should make use of the leader, organizational and individual perspectives or lenses and must consider changes in the eco-system. Topics you may want to consider for inclusion are: diversity management; leadership models; problem solving and conflict management processes; and communications.
You will want to focus your paper and argue its point from the perspective of your major issue you identified in the homework assignments and in the developed paper you wrote for Mid-term.
This summary will be NO LONGER than fifteen (15) pages in length exclusive of cover page and references.
Assignment Rubric
Up to ten (10) points for the organization and articulation of the thesis, blueprint, development of the argument leading to a clear and convincing conclusion
Up to five (5) points for the quality of your references including peer reviewed articles and reputable sources such as RAND, CIA, and Governmental resources
Up to five (5) point for APA compliance for paper format, citations, and references
Due to WRIT 3/28: Remember to send a copy of the assignment description to the Tutor along with your assignment draft

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