wk 12 health Y CHANGE

Crrently am in the neutral point of the illness wellness continuum. This is because I have just recovered from a minor illness despite the fact that am still under medication. The purpose of me continuing with my medication is to reach the high level wellness.The most prominent dimensions of my life are physical and emotional wellness.This is because they are the basic aspects of life and animbalance in the two affects all the other dimensions. WEEK 2 EXAMPLE^^^
WEEK 4 EXAMPLE: There are a lot of options out there to help us stay fit. What have you tried?
I have tried quite a number of fitness options and all of them have been significant in as far as achieving fitness results is concerned. I have actively gone to the gym to lift weights, engage in aerobics, and cardiovascular training techniques. In a period of three months I have been able to lose three kilograms of weight and grow muscles. Also, I have engaged in football trainings at least twice a week for the past six months.
What would you consider trying?
I would consider engaging in swimming. It is one of the best work out activities as it involves nearly all body muscles including the proper function of internal organs such the heart and the lungs. It is not only a fitness workout but also a health conscious exercise that keeps the body healthy in term of functionality of critical body organs.
What factors influence your decisions (i.e. fun, fits into your schedule, near work, friends are doing it, cheap)?
My decisions are influenced by my environment, friends and schedule. For instance, I work out mostly during the weekends because that is when I have enough time to visit the gym. My schedule affects my weekly trainings with my neighborhood football team. My environment influences my current decision to engage in swimming. We have a newly built swimming pool in my neighborhood to residents.
What do you see as the most important factor in your decisions?
The most important factor informing my decisions is convenience. My trainings schedule is based on my free evenings and gym sessions on weekend and based on the free time I have on weekends. For swimming, convenience is due to the proximity of the swimming pool to my house. In all these cases, convenience in terms of time, location and facilities play a critical role in my fitness decisions.

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wk 12 health Y CHANGE
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