Will the Internet Bring People of the World Closer Together?

Will the internet bring people of the world closer together? Nowadays technologies are become more and more important in our life. We all use computers, mobile telephones and other gadgets. Many people can’t imagine their life without internet, because it helps people who are far away from each other to communicate instantly. However, will the internet really bring people of the world closer together? There are two point of view regard to this statement. Some people agree with it and some disagree. Humanity is becoming more integrated day by day.
People who are at opposite ends of the planet can talk with each other easily. It’s useful in business, education and friendship. For example, you can improve your English due to reading the web-sites or talking with a native-speaker. This is a big breakthrough in the development of international relations. Internet helps people imagine, that they are close together. As a result, we can say that internet communications are very important in our life and really can link absolutely different people. In the other hand, men should use internet in measure.
This connection is not so helpful, when people are near to each other. Some of them begin to live only virtually life and often forget about their relatives and friends. Usually it is a youth. They are finding in the Internet something that pning them and waste their time here. Instead of read books, rest with the friends and deal with other interesting things, they sit in the different social networks. For instance, now most of the Kazakhstan pupil and student all day sit at the computer or use internet in their mobile phones, but they not used it in a useful way.

They only waste their time and distracted from their studies. So it’s clear, that people should use all of the technologies in case of need. To sum up, internet connecting people in the different way, but it can’t bring them closer together. People should realize for what they use internet. Internet can be helpful in many ways, because it is a huge source of information. However, you should know it is information useful or not. In my opinion, every new technologies should be used with mind.

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Will the Internet Bring People of the World Closer Together?
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