Why Study Humanities

Allison Humanities-?is a study of human culture with a great emphasis of history and art; further broken down into disciplines as music, performing art, theatre, religion, and languages. It is a study of what people have created and accomplished over a vast period of time. Nowhere in the definition of humanities have I seen science or medicine as sub study to humanities; maybe because science existed before human beings, but they were privileged to uncover and reveal to the rest of the World the new scientific laws.
However, studying Humanities I would consider science piece as well, because it is also another significant achievement of the intelligent species. Traveling is one of my favorite types of vacation. Every year I try to visit a different country or two. Summer of 2014 was packed with lots of new experiences, mixed emotions, new knowledge, and of course new perspectives of different cultures.
This summer I had an opportunity to travel to Israel. There I visited places like Dead Sea, Red Sea, Tell Aviva, Cashed and Mediterranean Sea, drove through two historically important deserts, the Judea Desert and The Desert of Engel, and of course Jerusalem, the city most desired and finally visited and explored. Jerusalem, especially the Old City is a heritage of three different religions and a multitude of different nations.

The place that I wanted to visit the most was the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, place that commemorates the hill where Jesus Christ was crucified and His tomb where He was buried. This site is controlled by The Greek Orthodox Church, but people from many different religious backgrounds visit the church. What I found absolutely amusing is that there are no descriptions inside the church of the exhibits. Only during my second visit to the church I realized that Goliath (the hill of crucifixion) was located inside the church.
When I inquired about the reason why there are no descriptions, I was told that guides from different religious backgrounds are telling their own story from their religious perspective, and give the exhibit their own cultural name. Another place that I totally fell in love with was The Mount of Olives. It is located outside of the Old City of Jerusalem. The Jewish tradition says that Jesus’ second coming will be on The Mount of Olives and the resurrection of the dead will occur at that time, thus many Jews want to be buried on the mountain.
From the top mountain the view to the humongous cemetery opens up that is a result of the traditional belief. Muslim heritage also believe that Jesus will return to The Mount of Olives and have buried there their best soldiers who would stop Jesus from coming when the resurrection of the dead occurs. The New Testament of the Bible also mentions The Mount of Olives as the place where Jesus cried for His people. Visiting Jerusalem was a dream off lifetime. I attempted to go there in 2004 for the

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Why Study Humanities
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