Why Smoking is Bad for You

Did you know that the primary cause of death around the world is smoking? Are you aware that every cigarette you smoke reduces your expected lifep by eleven minutes? And that 4. 9 million people world wide dies as a result of smoking? Smoking Is a common and popular occurrence and also responsible for approximately ninety percent of lung cancer deaths. Smoking is a bad habit and is also very hazardous to those who don’t smoke. So, before you act heedless, stop and think about what smoking will do to you and the people around you. Smoking cigarettes is a commonly pastime in the United States.
At almost ever super market or gas station there are ads encouraging you to buy cigarettes. Which the smoke from the cigarettes contains over seven-thousand chemicals, sixty-nine of them are known to cause cancer which eventually lead to your dead. There are kids getting Influenced by these ads. Smoking Is abhorrent because it’s not good for you health, not only good for your health but does as much damage to the ones around you, and It also makes drastic changes In your appearance. One of the many reasons why I think smoking is bad for you is obviously because of al the health problems smoking causes.
From smoking just one cigarette can lead you on your way to cancer because of the nicotine it contains. Nicotine does not cause cancer, it is an addictive drug. This can eventually make you go from one innocent smoke to multiple smokes, which then leads you to being an addict and from addict to patient with lung cancer. In other words your death sentence and I know you don’t want that for yourself. In a way by smoking you encourage cancer. Because you know what cancer can lead to so Instead of wasting your money on a cancer suck you should donate It to find a DOD cause, for Instance finding a cure to cancer association.

You may say “But smoking helps me when I’m stressed out” or “Smoking makes you look cool” please no disrespect but please keep your trap shut. If you’re stressed find something besides smoking, find a hobby, go for a run, and make a plastic of your favorite songs that help you stay calm, or eat if that helps you and for smoking being ‘cool’ do you think its cool when there are infants who breathe second hand smoke and causes them have weaker lungs than other babies. Do you think it’s fair? Or do you think is so ‘cool’ hat there is patients painfully dying in hospitals because they decided to smoke and now are suffering the consequences?
If you do please think again its not cool or funny It Isn’t safe for yourself or others around you. Now please stop Influencing smoking and realize how smoking Is a major Issue because It affects you and your loved ones. When I think of smoking I think of all the different ways people can make a change in this situation instead of encouraging it. Please think before you decide you need another cigarette to release some stress or because others think your cool Just because you smoke something so harmful.

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