Why Should We Ban Gmos?

GMOs or genetically modified organisms have been a controversial term since the middle 1990s when the FDA approved the papaya to be genetically altered to save it from a worldwide virus leading to its demise. The rash and uneducated decision to save the papaya came without any form of long term effects to the delicate balance of our eco-system and populous. The problem with genetically modified foods is the potential unknown and the long term affects they very well potentially could propose.
According to a poll taken by CNBC on April 28th, 2011 eighty-two percent of Americans are against GMOs [1]. The long term effects are becoming more and more prevalent within our society as GMOs continue to be around longer and with more research being done the possibilities for harm increase daily. While I won’t deny the overall idea here has great potential such as potentially virus and fungi immune crops as well as drought resistant crops [2] the overall study and research on this subject is very limited and vague.
The side effects of GMOs is already showing up in certain grains and beans such as chronic wasting of internal organs to rats fed genetically modified potatoes and large amounts of defects produced in rats being fed high a diet of herbicide resistant soybeans such as sterile babies and stunted birth [3]. I feel the decision to push heavily for GMOs and filling over seventy percent of American grocery stores with unlabeled GMOs [4] has largely to do with the tyrants who control the market such as Nestle, General Mills, PepsiCo, and Monsanto.

While America is being controlled by such companies being the largest consumer of GMOs by over double any other continent or nation [5] while many others such as Japan, Australia, and many of the European Union have heavy restrictions or bans on such goods where consumer rejection has taken place forcing GMOs out. If eighty-two percent of America are against GMOs they must stand up for their beliefs and not be conquered by these tyrants. The FDA’s states, “Theoretically, genetic modifications have the potential to activate cryptic pathways synthesizing unknown or unexpected toxicants, or to increase expression from active pathways that ordinarily produce low or undetectable levels of toxicants. ” The FDA encourages companies that are concerned about toxicity to “consult informally with the agency on testing protocols for whole foods when appropriate. )” meaning these laws are hardly enforced, if the company is concerned with toxicity they suggest testing and do not require it [4]. In a bio technicians terms genetic modification is the insertion of a gene from a completely foreign and non-related species or organism using a virus or bacteria as a gateway entry into the cellular compound. These gateway and seemly harmless viruses and bacteria are now becoming active in humans due to large amounts of GMO consumption.
This is also posing another problem by triggering other genes within the human body and DNA to bring about new allergens among many other things. The FDA refuses to require testing of GMO products claiming they have “not found it necessary to conduct, prior to marketing, routine safety reviews of whole foods derived from plants. ” The FDA is also against labeling GMO products with the mind set of it creating a public concern and panic for goods that are safe to eat. Food manufacturers also worry that labeling GM products with warnings could cause food prices to rise and create uncalled for concern among consumers. ” If there is so much concern for stating the potentially increasing side effects then GMOs should be taken off the market and a very in-depth and detailed study should be conducted for the next several years to really make sure this is a revolutionary step for the Earth and its people.

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Why Should We Ban Gmos?
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