Why People Commit Crime

Criminal behavior has always been a focus for psychologist due to the age old debate between nature and nurture. Is it the responsibility of an individual’s genetic makeup that makes them a criminal, or is it the environment in which they are raised that determines their outcome? Research was conducted regarding this which resulted in a conclusion that genes, environment, and society do play a role in the criminality of individuals.
Criminal justice teaches about the different reasons why criminal choose to do criminal acts.Criminals have different background that mold them into criminal behavior weather it is DNA related, environment, or the ways of society. There are various reasons why criminal choose to do criminal acts. One reason why people commit crime is because they want to. This can be classified as an individual making a poor choice in life. It also can be the result of the environment he or she surrounds their self with. The old saying is ‘‘You are who you hang around’’.
Which is very true criminals tend to hang around other criminals.A lot of times criminals are brought up in very high crime areas where they tend to get involved in criminal activity because that is all they see so they adjust to that way of life. DNA or also known as generation cruse can play a factor in an upcoming future criminal. Many times you see a trend in generation if your parents were on drugs most likely you will be on drugs. Or if your father was in the prison system there is a good chance there off spring would end up in prison. Society is a reason why many criminal choose to commit criminal acts.Some crimes are caused by poverty and inequality.

Both rich and poor people commit crimes, but crime rates tend to be higher in poorer communities, especially those located in inner cities. One explanation, known as ‘’strain theory,’’ can explain this. In most places, people generally work to earn money so they can afford a comfortable lifestyle. People with high-paying jobs can buy a nice house, a car, and good clothes, and so there is less pressure on them to find other ways of getting those things.According to strain theory, poorer people cannot afford the house, car and nice clothing, can react in several ways. Some may try to achieve these goals through hard work. Others may decide to forget these goals as an impossible dream, and aim simply to enjoy a reasonable standard of living.
People who make these choices will not turn to crime. Other reactions though are likely to lead people to commit crime. Some people wish to achieve these goals, but feel they cannot do so legally. So, they find other ways. They may steal from their job, or turn to gambling, prostitution, or theft.

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