What is civilisation ?

Asia but the crucial area for its development was the fertile crescent. China and America soon followed with the development of agriculture. Agriculture is the first sign that shows humans beginning to control nature. When enough food was available, people started settling down resulting into more complex developments belonging to civilization. Soon after settling down the domestication of animals began, Only 14 of the animals urine that time were suitable for domestication. Mom requirements for the animals (not all animals had all these attributes) were: Power used in travel and agriculture (e. G. Horse), relatively short maturing time, the ability to produce food such as milk or honey. After these Important developments the wheel, writing, pottery, metaphorically and highly complex houses and monuments were built. This was mostly due to the time people now had (thanks to agriculture and the domestication of animals) to think rather than hunt and gather. Along with highly developed physical objects/items also employ social methods thrived.
A sophisticated legal system was formed to solve issues and labor was devised between people (instead of everyone doing the same work). Writing was invented and along with this the study of nature and education became recognized. Philosophical ideas grew and became morals for people. A large piece of our civilization Is due to luck In where our ancestors decided to settle down. We can still see some affects of it today, such as the difference between America (America had very protein rich food) and New Guiana (New Guiana 1 OFF ere ideal the population of a civilization started to grow.
Mortality went down but then again disease spread more eagerly. When population grew, a certain hierarchy grew along it. Hierarchy was also present during the Paleolithic age, but now there were more factors and professions that could be classed. People who had some special skill or profession were respected (e. G. Priest or a person who could write). Religion and politics were more separate than before as well. Civilization can never be simply defined, as people have very different views on it. Different subcultures and tribes may have their own concept of it.

The standard western definition in my opinion is this: A collection of many factors that enable us to be in control of our surroundings (nature, animals our social lives) and where technology, systems and living conditions are highly advanced. A large population is needed to sustain all these systems. My view and differences between sources In the PDF file about ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt most facts are told without much further explanation or criticism. During our classes Vive noticed, that we must question things to find the best definition for ourselves.
Overall there aren’t many differences between the “facts” told to us from both sources. I enjoy both methods thoroughly and they give a very clear explanation together. One main impact of civilization is that it makes our lives easier via all the inventions. Many people don’t take care of their physical health even though, ! 2 Homo Sapiens were built to hunt and gather. One aspect of civilization, domestication, is useful if not necessary, but it’s MIS-used and we’re killing the planet that we live in (high ICC emissions, cutting down rain forests).
We should take example from uncivilized people who mostly respect nature and live mainly on it’s demands. These people could teach us a lot about communication, and how life could be better in general (by being more simple without advanced technology). In my view humans should create more echo-friendly technology and should consume less (e. G. Food and clothes). Civilization shouldn’t go back in time to when it was “better” ,but instead be offered to all those who want it, and develop more ideas and inventions that compromise between us and nature.

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What is civilisation ?
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