What does it mean to be German

German, because they feel guilty for the history Of Germany and do not want do be classified as a national socialist, but they should dare to say that, because the time changed and Germany became one of the worlds most important and known countries and not known for fascistic ideologies or cruelties, but rather for their economy or their politic, not to forget they many different cultural aspects. Let me begin with a general definition of what it means to be German. I think nearly everybody would agree to the fact, that a person who owns the
German nationality and lives inside the boundaries of Germany is a German in general, but obviously this is just a rough description of a German citizen. In my opinion every person has to define his or her own definition of what does it mean for him or her to be German, but I will start to create my own one. Many various significant German personalities reached a high prestige in certain sections of Germany’s culture. To name some of these, I can name Albrecht Dourer as one of the greatest painters of Germans history, or the great literati Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Frederica Schaller.
Even if you should not adorn yourself with borrowed plumes you can be at least proud for these persons who were Germans. Politics and culture influenced the identity of the Germans and their sense of human being, but that does not mean that every person is defined by the times actual standing of these factors. The question for me is what makes me personally proud to be a German citizen? Is it the German language? No question, that German is one of the hardest languages on the earth and this makes me proud to speak this language fluently, but it is not my favorite one in point of the sound. Usage like Greek, English, or Italian are my favorite ones in this point of criticism. Is it the kind of governmental system which makes me proud to life here? For sure democracy is the kind of governmental system, many various countries aspiring for and that why this is one Of my mature reasons am proud to live here. Other countries have to contend with cruel dictatorships or prevalent health diseases, but Germany does not have these problems, which makes me proud as well. Is it the culture which makes me feel proud to life in Germany?

The capacity of great prestigious German prominences is nearly unlimited. From Conrad Deadener to Conrad Use, every political, cultural or scientifically section was enriched by important German personalities. These idols make me feel a kind of patriotic. However the main actual reason I am glad to live here is the status of Germany in the eyes of the other countries of the world. Many countries actually orientating their selves towards the federal republic of Germany, which makes me love my country even more. Nevertheless Germany is not perfect.
I am not talking about satirical facts, because many people had done this before, but actual problems like the debts of the state are not the most worthwhile fact I can be glad of my home country. On the other hand these debts are not the biggest in comparison to other countries, but in fact that debts are not worthwhile in general this is a negative fact against Germany. To come to a very important point, which should not be forgotten is that Germany is actually one of the most peacefully countries on the earth. Considering to this, Germany made a big development since 1 940, which make me look in the future expectantly.

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What does it mean to be German
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