What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses in English?

There are a number of both strengths and weaknesses which I possess in regards to English and the areas of reading and writing. My strengths are that I have a passion for reading, I have a good understanding of grammar and its correct usage and I am a decent speller. I also understand and respect that English is an important part of everyday life. My weaknesses are that I do not enjoy writing, I do not have a good writing process for when I do have to write and I tend to procrastinate when faced with an English assignment. I think that my biggest strength in English is that I love to read.
One of my favorite pastimes is curling up with a good book, particularly a good murder mystery or suspense novel. I am pretty good at being able to extract information and understand the authors meaning from the piece of writing I am reading. It is also through my love for reading that I gain a broader view of the world and become more knowledgeable. Reading for enjoyment is a great way to learn about new things and not even realize it at the time! Another of my strengths in English is that I have a good grasp on grammar and word usage.
This is something that I learned as a child but has improved over time, especially due to my work environment. Whether the goal is to achieve a higher education or persuade a company to use a service, using correct grammar can be the difference between succeeding and failing. This includes the proper use of vocabulary, punctuation, and standard grammar rules such as subject and verb agreement. The goal of communication is to be understandable; proper grammar is a crucial step in reaching this goal. The ability to spell is also an important strength in English.

I was lucky when it came to spelling in school and had a certain gift for spelling. I never had to study much, if at all, for a spelling test. This helps a lot in my career when composing memos and proposals for clients. And although I am grateful to Microsoft Words spell check and auto correct functions they have “dulled” some of my skill in this area. English and writing are important and necessary in everyday life. English is used everyday both written and orally. It is a very important subject because it is a form of communication and is very important all around the world.
How would businesses function with out some sort of base communication? They wouldn’t. From letters to books to resumes, reading and writing is used by everyone. My biggest weakness in English is that I hate to write. I seem to have a hard time trying to articulate myself and get my ideas into words on paper. I especially do not enjoy writing about personal experiences. I think the main reason for this is that I am a private person and do not want my emotions to “pour” out on paper for everyone to see. Another contributing factor to writing being one of my weaknesses is my writing process. Well, actually I don’t even have one!
Usually, not always, but usually, I wait until the night before the paper is due and then begin to brainstorm and write out my thoughts. This is very ironic to me, because for every other class I have a scheduled study time and follow that very closely. Maybe because I dislike writing so much I don’t plan on doing it. My lack of a writing process adds to another one of my weaknesses, being a procrastinator and having a lack of motivation (when it comes to English). When I am required to write a lengthy paper on a subject that is boring or unimportant to me as a person, the writing process is often tedious and mind numbing.
I can mull the topic over and over in my mind and get no where! My only thoughts being that “I am NEVER going to get this done! ” After looking at and thinking about several of my strengths and weaknesses in English, I would conclude that the best course of action for me would be to continue to use and practice activities that use my already strong skills. Making time in my busy schedule for brainstorming and critical thinking could be the first step in trying to overcome my weaknesses in English as they all pretty much stem from not wanting to write.

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What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses in English?
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