What are UPS “Smart Labels?

Use the link below to view the Video, UPS and the Diad IV, then answer the following questions.
1. What are UPS “Smart Labels?” What role do they play in UPS operations?

2. Write out the steps a package takes from pick-up by a UPS driver to delivery including the role of DIAD, the UPS Data Center, and the UPS Package Center.
3. What role does wireless communication play in the UPS systems?
4. How has information technology transformed the package delivery business?
5. How does UPS’s investment in IT help it achieve the strategic business objectives described in Chapter 1?
1. Smart labels are bar-coded labels that are computerized to provide shipping information. Smart labels play the role of providing
customer information for shipping. The smart label is scanned every time a shipment, stop, or delivery has been made so that
customers can track their packages from the starting point to the finishing point.
2. The package is either picked up from the customer of the customer drops it off and then a smart label is created that contains all its
information like shipping information and tracking number. This information
then has to be sent to the warehouse. The drive then has a
hand help computer called a DIAD that he/she carries around with him/her to show them the routes and stops. They use the DIAD to
scan the package which then sends all the information of that package to the customer and the data center. All packages are always
process through the package center before delivery.
3. Wireless communication is important to the UPS systems due to all of the drivers information being held on the DIAD which gets its
signal from a wireless cell phone tower. In order to get information updated efficiently to customers and to the data center then
wireless communication is a huge role, also so that the driver has up to date information and can get any information immediately if
something has changed to their route.
4. Information technology has transformed the package delivery business due to it allowing a more efficient business because it allows
the driver to get all information needed as soon as possible so that he knows if their is changes to his rout or pickups, Information
technology is also good for the employer to know the where about of their employee at all times. Information technology also saves

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