Week Two Discussion One

For discussion two; going along with the syllabus let’s talk about formation of ethics.  For example I took on many of the ethical beliefs of my parents such as respect for elders & authority, religious beliefs and values, and belief in working hard to achieve goals.  Plus my beliefs were shaped by the military and later in my career I was a First Sergeant which had its own set of standards to live by. 
Two part questions:  tell me about the formation or shaping of your ethical beliefs if there is a specific principle and how it was shaped.  Second part is who in government is an example of good or bad ethical behavior and why.  In responding to other students of course we have academic freedom; however remember to respond to concepts and not students beliefs.  Example if I were to say President Regan ethics by not misleading the American public and always telling the truth.  Of course there are examples of not telling the truth during his tenure, however in response to other students give examples instead of general partisan responses to his political party in general such as all republican….There should be example of elected, appointed, military, or career government leaders that we would like to model.    

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Week Two Discussion One
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