Voices in the Kitchen Analysis.

I will pay for the following article Voices in the Kitchen Analysis. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The setting of this novel in the United States of America and the events took place in the early 90s. In that era, Liduvian Velez was barely eighteen years old when she got married to the father of the writer. a Mexican man. The man was a drunkard and a womanizer who cared very little for his family. Velez’s father had planned for the marriage without her knowledge. On discovering the plan, Velez attempted to escape but it was too late for her. She then had to give in to the pressure of her dad and the man eventually took her home. At the home of “the husband” (pg44), as she refers to him, Velez had to stay and cook with the mother-in-law. This situation made her feel oppressed and colonized by the in-laws. She had no time to move freely in the kitchen and cook her favorite meal. Then one day the husband moves out with her to a place of their own. He constructed a small house for her where she could cook for him and the kids. She was very glad as felt a sense of freedom. to own a kitchen had been a dream. She found the “Space” in a new “place” (pg19).

The writer, through the chat with Liduvian Velez, draws the attention of the readers to how some women find their ultimate freedom and joy in the kitchen while others still perceive cooking in the kitchen as oppression from the husbands. For the women with such a negative mentality, the kitchen shall remain a ‘place’ while for the positive women. the kitchen becomes a ‘space’.

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The novel bears a number of themes that are portrayed by different characters in separate plots. Gender role is a principal role portrayed in the novel. Women have been related with the house chores while men do the outdoor duties. In her narration, Velez’s life&nbsp.revolves around cooking the kitchen. She says she loved cooking.&nbsp.She would cook for the husband alone. The husband, she says, was doing some other business outside the home. On one occasion, just before Velez escaped, the husband had gone to sell sandals in the market. his daily routine: “He had gone.

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