Various Social Media Platforms

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Various Social Media Platforms. A case study method has been used to conduct this research. This is because it offers flexibility and allows the researcher to maintain the holistic features of real-life occurrences while investigating practical events. Generally, a case study is an empirical inquiry investigating a phenomenon within the context of real-life when the borders between the phenomenon and the context are blurred or not clearly evident. By design, case studies normally adopt as their principal subject selected instances of a social entity within its normal context. It offers a descriptive account of a case or cases while at the same time offering a possibility of being used in an intellectually thorough manner to realize experimental isolation of one or more chosen social factors within the context of real life.

A case study is suitable for this research given that the subject under investigation is a contextually rich phenomenon that is being queried using the why question. Additionally, the researcher will exercise minimal control. The research question is also focuses on a contemporary issue rather than on historic information.

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Various Social Media Platforms
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Purposive sampling technique was used as the sampling method in this study. The technique involves deliberately choosing an informant owing to the qualities possessed by the informant. It is a nonrandom sampling technique which does not require underlying theories. In simple terms, a decision is made by the researcher with regard to what needs to be known and sets to seek individuals who can and are willing to offer the information based on their knowledge and experience1 (291-313). The sampling method is particularly demonstrated through the informant technique in which one or few people are requested as guides to a particular practice. The informants are members of a community of interest who are observant and reflective and know about a given culture apart from being willing to share their knowledge. The criteria used involved the selection of traditional UCM students who possess smartphones.

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