I have included the assignment from week 5 in regards to the comments from the instructor so you will you have to hit the button and you will be able to see the comments. I will also need a total of 30 sources if possible to support the evidences. 

This assignment is an important next step in enabling you to build a collection of targeted resources for advancing the development of a project justification document due in Week 9.

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Starting in Week 6 you began the process of initially collecting and evaluating a total of 30 practitioner and scholarly articles to show why your project is worthwhile. This week you will complete this first phase of literature collection and analysis by submitting a Capstone Literature (CL) template. You will complete both Tab 1 and Tab 2 in the template. 

In Tab 1, provide the following information for each article:

On Row 1 enter a brief description of your project.

Each accepted article from your search should be compiled in the CL template on Rows 2 through 31. For each article, add this information in the following columns of the template:

APA Citation: Insert the      citation for the article.  
Type: Indicate whether the      article is practitioner (P) or scholarly (S).

C, D, E: For each article, enter the following information into one or more of the following columns:

C. Evidence to Support the Existence of a Problem: Highlight current evidence to support the nature and extent of the problem. Evidence can be in the form of narrative from current literature or current statistics.

D. Evidence to Support the Gap in Practice: Describe either what is known relative to the problem driving the need for a project or what is not yet known, or both.

E. Evidence to Support the Project Need: Describe how you might use the article findings to justify the need for the project.

In Tab 2, self-evaluate the completeness of Tab 1 based upon the criteria listed in Row 1: (a) Balance of scholar and practitioner articles; (b) Currency of articles; (c) Details of individual article summaries; (d) Across the full array of articles: (1) Quality of evidence to support the existence of a problem; (2) Quality of evidence to support a gap in practice; (3) Quality of evidence to demonstrate the need for a project. 

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