Unhappy Cows – Short Essay

The California dairy Industry would like us, the consumers, to believe that their dairy cows In some mysterious way are “happy cows”. They literally use this term, thus insinuating that for some reason or another, milk from California is better. Or, perhaps they are trying to convince us that cows in other states are too “sad” to produce quality milk. However, I say this campaign is nothing but a big pile of manure. Pun intended. I have found no research supporting the claim that California cows are “happy sows”.
At least, no happier than normal. In fact, Californians practices are quite the same If not Identical to any other states. It Is very sad that they use a campaign of hope and happiness when in all reality their dairy cows are mistreated just like the rest. Dairy cows endure annual cycles of artificial insemination, mechanized milking for 10 months out of each year, which includes 7 months out of the 9 months a cow may be pregnant. Cows both In California and around the nation are given hormones so hat they might produce more milk.
This active and rigorous cycle overburdens the cows, thus only making them useful as dairy cows for two years. These particular cows are usually slaughtered at four years old. Dairy cows are expected to produce one calf per year per cow according to the U. S. Department of Agriculture fact sheet. Just imagine what kind of strain this must be on the animal! This would be comparative to a human running or jogging 6 hours a day, every day for a year while pregnant! Does that sound Like a happy cow to oh?

Most female dairy calves are eventually put onto the milking line while most of the male calves are found to be useless and are often sold into the veal industry. Yes folks, even the calves from the “happy’ California cows are sold to these kinds of industries. Hundreds of thousands of little baby calves are shoved into cages so small they can’t so much as turn around until they are roughly 12 to 14 months old and then they are slaughtered for their meat; the meat that has gone tender after so many months of little to no activity.
California is essentially capitalizing on American citizens ignorance of what is happening right in front of them. If people of this country would bother to read the facts, I doubt they would be supporting this ridiculous “happy cow’ business. Perhaps Californians campaign should be a bit more realistic, such as the way we treat our cows will make your milk curdle’. “Farm Bill : Laws and Regulations : National Agricultural Library. ” Information Centers : National Agricultural Library. US Department of Agriculture. Web. 10 Novo. 2011.

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Unhappy Cows – Short Essay
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