Unclean Water: Threatens Health

I will pay for the following article Unclean Water: Threatens Health. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Unclean water threatens public health and quality of life. Preservation of pure water has become an even bigger concern in recent years because of the changing climatic pattern in general and the increasing global warming and pollution in particular. Lakes and rivers are threatened by changing climate patterns. Pollution is overdrawing and tainting the chief sources tapped for drinking water.

Water is polluted because of a range of factors that may or may not be controlled by man. Rainwater and water generated from the melting of the snow run off the roofs and roads and pours into the streams and rivers, thus picking up a lot of toxic chemicals along the way. Most water resources are not provided with basic protection which makes them vulnerable to gathering polluted substances from industrial plants, factory farms, and fracking. As a result of this, drinking water is contaminated, beaches are closed out, and the habitat is destroyed. Water is also polluted because of the activities of humans. Poor channels of disposal of waste, dumping of waste into clean water, and chemicals, waste, and sewage generated from the industries into streams and rivers are major causes of water pollution.

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Unclean Water: Threatens Health
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Some ways in which water can be made safe for drinking and sufficient include taking measures to reduce the wastage of water, protecting water from pollution, increasing people’s awareness and readiness about challenges associated with the shortage of water, and retaining sufficient water in the waterways for a vibrant aquatic ecosystem. One way of treating polluted water is by using septic tanks. Septic tanks treat sewage at its location, thus obviating the need for the waste to be transported through a sewage system or treatment plant. Septic tanks are usually used when the water has to be treated from individual buildings.&nbsp.

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