Training Module: Maintaining Work/Life Balance Word Count

Write a 2 pages paper on training module. Training Module: Maintaining Work/Life Balance Word Count: 514 (2 pages) I. Introduction The reason why the work/life balance was chosen is because many people have difficulty managing their personal or private lives with work commitments. This program is designed for everyone, because these are skills that anyone can hone. What is hoped to be accomplished with the program is that employees will be able to better juggle their work and home lives better. Included here are a syllabus, objectives, and an outline.

II. Course Syllabus

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Training Module: Maintaining Work/Life Balance Word Count
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Training will take just one day, and it will be in the form of an in-service. Employees will be paid for their time participating in the in-service, which is mandatory. It will be part of their work duties. The training will teach the workers how to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the workplace to foster a better performance inside the workplace. The purpose of conducting this training is partially to reduce drama in the workplace. Many people come into the workplace with lots of drama issues surrounding their personal lives, which is not acceptable in the workplace. Relationships are important, but details about private relationships should be kept just that—private. People who are working with other workers do not want to hear their co-workers talk about how much someone had to drink the night before, their problems with their significant other or others, and who is sleeping with whom. It’s quite unprofessional and does not reflect the kind of worker that the company wishes to employ. Workers who do not abide by the work/life balance training will be considered for termination or face some kind of penalties.

III. Course Objectives

This work/life balance training module has several objectives. One of the objectives is getting employees to “prioritize” tasks in their lives so that their lives will be more efficient, and thus make them better workers.1 People who prioritize their tasks appropriately are more able to complete their work tasks with more efficiency. Another objective will be to make sure that employees complete their tasks by the stated deadlines. Two other objectives (which now total four) include having employees develop respect for themselves as well as others by being polite and extending various social courtesies and graces. While many people believe this could be a sort of morality training, it is basically training to help balance life at work and at home. The main issue that will be dealt with in meeting the goals or objectives is to try to stop workers from bringing home life drama into the workplace and to realize that there is a difference between the way one acts at home and the way one conducts oneself in the workplace. It is essential to differentiate between the two because, work life and home life are definitely different settings—and each is a place where a person can show different sides of his or her persona.

IV. Course Outline

The content of the module that will be presented, using outline form, is demonstrated in the lesson plan below. The in-service would be for about an hour an include the following elements, including handouts and a PowerPoint Presentation:

I. Introduction to Work/Life Balance: What It’s All About (5 minutes)

II. How to Manage Oneself at Work (25 minutes)

III. How to Manage Oneself at Home (25 minutes)

IV. Conclusion/Wrap-Up and Recap (5 minutes)

V. Conclusion

This presentation included a syllabus, objectives, and a lesson plan outline for the in-service on how to maintain a work-life balance.


Donatelle, R.J., et. al. Health: The Basics. London: Allyn and Bacon, 1999. Pp.

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