Thinking Through Religion.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Thinking Through Religion. The divine beauty of the inner world is the subject of practical experience. Wise men have written millions of pages about joy and happiness, but unless one crosses the barrier of the mind and reaches the level of transcendence to enjoy the state of bliss, one’s life remains unexamined and it is a state of incompleteness. When one possesses the will to grow, not being satisfied with the state of status-quo, take it as the beginning of progress. The process of investigation is the continuous one and inner search means practical spirituality in which state every thought and action is positive and the individual visualizes divinity and unity in the working of the cosmos. He sees unity in diversity.

Man’s search for the meaning of life is the fundamental force of life and it is within everyone. With the procedure detailed in the sacred texts, the practical vision of divinity is attainable reality and that is the true purpose of life. To know the essence of human existence is the be-all and end-all of life. Each individual has to find the answer to his question, with the investigation. Life is a continuous process of the search for the unknown and the challenges on the path of investigation provide an opportunity for an individual to test his determination and will. Personal growth and spiritual growth are alternative beats of the same heart. Moreover, it is equally important to know that one’s life happiness does not come from or depends on the other or though conditionings in the external world. Others can only contribute to triggering feelings, but an individual must search for one’s own happiness. Thus, one’s life is worth living when one remains involved in the process of self-examination in order to find true meaning and happiness in life. An unexamined life is not worth living.

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Anthropic Principle means relating to human beings or their existence. Our existence on this Planet Earth depends on many cosmological considerations and even if a slight deviation in those factors would mean that we will not exist at all. The cosmos functions on countless alignments. The question arises, is it possible that such an arrangement exists merely by chance? Philosophers and well-meaning scientists conclude that it is God who has that ultimate and immeasurable capacity and He has fine-tuned this Planet Earth for our existence.

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