The tragedy

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the tragedy of medea. The tragedy “Medea” by ancient Greek poet Euripides describes the gap of civilized morality of the women, who is impassionate with her love for the man, and the man, that, pursuing his material self interested aims, loses everything and becomes a victim of his own decisions.

There is a myth about the hero Jason, leader of the Argonauts. He was the king of Iolcos city, but the imperious Pelias overthrew Jason’s reign in the city, and to bring his rule back Jason had to perform the feat: to swim with his friends (Argonauts) on the ship “Argo” to the eastern edge of the earth and in the country of Colchis to obtain the sacred Golden Fleece, guarded by a dragon. The tragedy “Medea” depicts the life of the daughter of the king of Colchis. Because of her strong love, she helped Jason to get the Golden Fleece by killing her own father and brother. She marries Jason and they escape to another city Corinth, where Jason breaks us up with Medea to marry the daughter of the king of Corinth to get the Corinthian wealth. He did so because the marriage was just a result of the self-interested arrangement with Medea (that he will marry her if she helps him to get the Golden Fleece). Being jealous, Medea decides to revenge on Jason and kills his new wife and her own children to cease Jason’s genus. In the tragedy, Euripides shows a storm of passion in Medea’s soul, related to the decision of her to kill her own children. The main conflict is between the heroine’s love for her children and her uncontrollable jealousy towards her husband Jason – a conflict between passion and the sense of duty. Without any embellishing Euripides reveals the soul of the woman, pained by an internal struggle between her humanity and uncontrollable passion and shows that in real life passion frequently takes precedence over duty.

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The tragedy
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The provocative force and the reason for the conflict, which eventually turned into a great tragedy, was Jason. In the dialogue between him and Medea Jason shows himself as weak and mercantile, he justifies his mean actions by&nbsp.speculating on his and Medea’s children’s happiness and wealth.

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