The Sun Also Rises.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: The Sun Also Rises. For “The Sun Also Rises”, the best probable understanding of the title is that it is a sexual metaphor. As clearly seen in the story, the sun may be rising although on the other hand, Jake’s manhood may not. The “Dear John” title exhibits its analogy to a letter, and this is very critical since a title is very effective, as it teases the readers, making them contemplate over its purpose and relationship to the content of the book. The book, The Sun Also Rises and film Dear John are good examples. The essence of time and a recurring motif are suggested by the book title while at the same time having hopeful tones, which have a primary focus on beginnings more than on the endings. The book has many cycles. Lady Brett’s being the most evident (Hemingway 12).

In the book, Brett is seen having affairs with men, where there is courtship process, approval and ultimate rejection taking place in both cases. On the other hand, the “Dear John” movie which is founded on the novel with the same title by Nicholas Sparks, narrates a young soldier’s story, and the soldiers name is John Tyree, who is home on leave, and an idealistic college student, Savannah Curtis, whom he falls in love with over her vacation in spring. There is also a suggestion that having affairs seem to be an ordinary practice both in these two works, thus making it a cycle (Hemingway 17). In “Dear John,” over the next seven turbulent years, Johns deployments separate the couple. This correspondence eventually triggers consequences which prove to be fateful. This movie is a stylishly doomed love story about a soldier on leave visiting his father, who meets this lovely student on a beach (Sparks 14). Some coy intimate relations ensue, though John only has one year remaining to leave that position. The two agree to write each other letters, since continuous stream of love letters overseas was the only way the couple could stay in touch.

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This interpretation presents unrequited love which looks like the theme. Then, in both stories, tragic events rudely upset the path of true love. The couples here love each other but the sad thing in the “Sun Also Rises” is that Jake is an incomplete man since a part of him was lost in the war while in “Dear John,” the film is ridden with war, death and illness which although full of grief and post-traumatic stress, provide sufficient chance for a happy and beautiful future (Sparks 18). Here, the “Dear John” letter is written in a heroic and self-sacrificing act while on the other hand, Jake is seen losing his whole generation in the war. Jake and his partner work hard in their struggle of attempting to find happiness and achievement in life, but they are unable to achieve them fully. The couple here is on the opposite sides of the cycle. There is a possibility that Hemingway might be claiming that the strength of a relationship is not found on its sexual nature (Hemingway 20). Both “The Sun Also Rises” and the movie “Dear John” are based on romance and pursuit for true love and happiness where the men are seen as victims of war, which makes them to be incomplete. In both of them, the quest of the main characters is fruitful at the end despite the many trials and tribulations.

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