The Studying of International Politics

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Studying of International Politics. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The way international politics determine whose needs are being served by how the international system operates. The analysis of change in international politics must put into consideration the actual systems. This would help in the development of an own goal. .In each system, there are some continuous political activities, that may bring benefits or no benefits to different actors in the international system (Gilpin13). These benefits are important for their account. The adjustments occur within the system (international) bringing about a state of balance. In the process, the difference in the development of power in nations causes a division of power in the international system.

The idea of power is the most problematic when it comes to matters of relations internationally (Gilpin13). We find that in the current study of international politics, there are several people with different authorities. These people tend to represent their interests or those of their states. For example, a politician has a personal goal that he or she needs to achieve. This is to maintain himself in the office. Groups that holds so much power in a society may tend to dictate the actions and activities of the heads of their society (Gilpin 16). The simple function of a nation is to defend the property rights of its people and also their security. It’s obvious that there are other groups that seek the same power. This is where we happen to find groups such as the feudal fiefdoms and guerrilla bands that rebel against certain authorities in their society (Dahrendorf 290). The concern of the state is usually where its territories are. As long as it’s within the territories of the state, it practices the use of force with the assumption that everyone within the boundaries is subjected to certain similar rules. This means that the state itself has more power to any other group that is conflicting for power in the same state.&nbsp.

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The Studying of International Politics
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