The Spying Government

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Amidst disapproval from civil rights campaigners, the present administration, in the beginning, supported the surveillance initiatives maintaining its legality, limits, and efficacy in the prevention of terrorist attacks. According to the National Intelligence, the program did not track phone calls. Still, it acquired metadata associated with telephony so that it could be queried only if there is a realistic suspicion of connections to a foreign terrorist group. There is a likelihood of the White House depending on the Patriot’s Act, Section 215, which is a provision that allows the government to oblige any entity to surrender tangible things as long as these are needed for investigating, defending against global terrorism or acts of spying. The NSA considers its surveillance as a program that assists in the prevention of numerous terrorists and is ready to take part in the debates that touch on the program’s lawfulness.

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The Spying Government
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Domestic surveillance under the current administration

After the events of September 11, the administration under President George Bush decided against seeking approval FISC before the interception of international communication within and outside the United States of individuals associated with Al-Qaeda or those connected to other terrorist organizations over the world (Murrin 1106).&nbsp. The special secret court that has been established in 1978 after spying abuses in the country by the previous administrations was intended to function as a non-partisan overseer in permitting government agencies to engage in surveillance. After the activities of the NSA were publicized by the New York Times in 2005, it was argued that the then president George Bush had legal constitutional and congressional authority to instigate unwarranted surveillance on the people living in the United States who were reasonably believed to be associated with the Al-Qaeda (Fine et al. 1). When the use of military force was authorized in 2011 without any significant mention of wiretapping, the president was granted broad authority to use all the vital energy in fighting the countries, groups, or individuals he considers as planned, authorized, committed, of assisted in the commission of terrorist attacks. According to officers in the gover

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