The role of communication in an organization performances

The specific issues bother on employee compensation and welfare while managers prefer the compromise, problem solving and dominating strategies to minimizing the Incidence of organisational conflicts. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that strategies which promote industrial democracy should be chosen by management as the preferred option In dispute resolution.
In addition, the Ideal level of conflict resolution required to attain optimum performance for every organisation is unique and situational hence managers are duty bound to establish the best maintainable by the organisation. Keywords: conflict, management, productivity, strategy The establishment and continuous existence of organisation through the realization of set goals and objectives requires the continuous and effective functioning of Its material input with the human element being indispensable.
However, the human elements required to facilitate goals attainment often engage in disagreement and ariance over factors such as Interest, views, style of management among others, The reactionary effect is due to the perceived incompatibilities resulting typically from some form of interference or opposition is term conflict. Azamosa (2004) observed that conflicts Involve the total range of behaviours and attitudes that Is In opposition between owners/managers on the one hand and working people on the other.

It is a state of disagreement over issues of substance or emotional antagonism and may arise due to anger, mistrust or personality clashes. Irrespective of the factors esulting in conflict, it has been observed that industrial conflicts produce considerable effects on organisations and should be consciously managed as much as possible. For people to progress at work and other aspect of life, there must be cooperation which is essential to ensure task attainment and stability in life.
However, it would be wrong to reach the conclusion that cooperation is good while conflict is bad, this Is because both concepts are pervasive and co-exlst In our social life. Conflict is inevitable given the wide range of goals for the different stakeholder n the organization and its absence signifies management emphasizes conformity ana stlTles Innovatlon. Ranlm ) oplnea tnat conTllct may De Interpersonal or inter group with Interpersonal conflicts occurring between a supervisor and his subordinate or between two individuals at the same level of the organizational hierarchy.
Inter group conflicts often occur between two trade unions, between two departments or between management and workers while attempting to implement the policies and programme of the organization Hence, this paper reviews the sources, types, causes and consequential effect of onflict and its effective management on corporate productivity with the aim of suggesting a valid, objective and transferable conclusion to the banking industry using First Bank of Nigeria as a case study.

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The role of communication in an organization performances
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