The Life of Alexander Graham Bell

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Life of Alexander Graham Bell. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The wife and mother of Bell were deaf, and this had a great influence on his work. The research and experiments that Bell carried out led him to develop hearing devices. As a result of these efforts, Bell managed to get the first telephone patent in 1879. Bell managed to successfully invent the telephone because he was able to develop a receiver that had the capacity of turning electricity into sound (Beihn, 2013).

Bell was not happy at his invention, and this is because he considered it an intrusion to his privacy. He, therefore, refused to fix a telephone line in the areas where he was conducting his research (Maniaque, 2006). However, there is still a debate on the first person who really invented the telephone. This is because an Italian researcher, by the name of Antonio Meucci was working on the same line as Alexander Bell, and during the same period of time (Beihn, 2013). Alexander Bell was able to develop other famous inventions, and this includes inventions in aeronautics, hydrofoils, and optical telecommunications. In the year 1888, Alexander Bell was one of the people who formed the National Geographic Society. Alexander Graham Bell is one of the famous and most important scientists to have lived.

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The Life of Alexander Graham Bell
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The people who played a role in influencing the life and works of Alexander Bell were his grandfather, and mother. Alexander managed to receive homeschooling from his mother, and she played a role in instilling a sense of infinite curiosity concerning the world that was surrounding him (Maniaque, 2006). Furthermore, Alexander was able to receive a year of formal education, in a private primary school, and two years of education at the Edinburgh Royal School (Kroll, 2011). Bell was not a bright student. however, he had skills that could help him solve complex problems. A good example is depicted when he was 12 years old, playing with a colleague at the grain mill (Beihn, 2013).

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