The Learning Curve of Becoming a Leader

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Learning Curve of Becoming a Leader: Delegation and Motivational Skill. Leaders in the society who use coercive force include despots and dictators. The main goal of using coercive force is to make people comply, and sometimes it results in physical harm. An example of the coercive power in a workplace environment is the threatening of workers by the leader that they could lose their jobs or face a possible demotion if they do not accomplish the task that is set out for them.

Reward power can be crudely defined as a scratch my back I scratch your back kind of leadership-servant relationship. A leader utilizes his or her ability to give the people what they want while in return the people will be asked to perform tasks that the leader requests. A leader sometimes can withhold rewards as a form of punishment. For instance, the managing director of a company may decide to give rewards to his employees to get them to do want he may require from them.

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The Learning Curve of Becoming a Leader
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A person possesses referent power due to their charisma and appeal that influences other people in society. Such kind of a leader who employs the referent power is most likely to be imitated by people who want to be like him or her. For instance, most A-list celebrities and music stars wield referent power. These leaders usually influence the fashion and sporting industries. People who like or want to associate with these celebrities will attempt to mimic their celebrities.

Legitimate power is part of a defined role. Such a role may come from positions such as a manager or a president of a given country. The power comes from roles defined in the social and organizational structures in both private and public companies. For instance, the work safety and health officer in a company is mandated to tell the staff about the safety and operational standards that are expected as they carry out their work duties in the organization.

Expert power relies heavily on the theory and technological knowledge that a person may possess about a certain topic, issue, or subject.

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