Write 6 pages thesis on the topic why was shimizu selected by ibm. The IBM management required that the new building would able to be one of the best in the world. RECD was given the responsibility of looking for an exceptional semiconductor facility design firm. It was at this point that the Shimizu firm was considered for its accomplishment in designing and construction of facilities, which are semiconductors. The Shimizu firm is one of the Japanese largest and oldest firms, which has excelled in designing and construction for many years. Shimizu credentials amazed RECD representatives. As compared to other construction and design firms in the United States, the Shimizu firm had the ability to conduct the operation. Additionally, the Shimizu firm has successfully managed to achieve class 1 capability for 0.5 particles to 0.3 microns. The organization also has a vibration table, which is large and allows it to conduct structural seismic tests thus managing to develop state-of-the-art firm designs. In doing all this, the Shimizu firm had the ability to meet the needs of IBM.

The selection process was done by the RECD representatives who started by reviewing the management systems of the Shimizu firm. In doing the management review, the representatives analyzed the firm’s planning, scheduling, cost estimates, and project control aspects. They found out that the management systems were similar to most firms in the United States. Generally, Shimizu firm is a construction firm and it constructs designs that are prepared by other organizations. Given all these aspects, the RECD felt the need to employ Shimizu firm to design and develop the entire ASTC project. The main goal of this project was to establish a design concept, which would be based on the requirements of IBM and design criteria. The selection process was generally sound and ideal. Before recommending an organization to develop or establish a construction facility, it is always recommended to conduct an analysis of the firm first. Doing a management review is important in order to establish the exact capabilities and past records of the construction firm.&nbsp.

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