The Existent Retirement System for the Defense Sector

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Existent Retirement System for the Defense Sector. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The retirement policies followed in the military system, too, has varied greatly with time. There are large differences between the retirement policies followed by the military in earlier times and the ones practiced in the 20th century.

The greatest attraction of a strenuous military career has always been the benefits and incentives offered on retirement. Since the earlier periods, through the World War II era to the current times, dialogues have been exchanged on the subject of reform of the military retirement schemes. The primary focus of all these meetings and discussions was to reduce the government expenditure on the military system, by reducing the monetary compensation paid to the retirees. However, it is interesting to observe “that of the dozens of study groups, commissions, committees, boards, task forces, and the like that have recommended making major structural cuts, only one such has been enacted into law, in 1986 — and that was essentially repealed (i.e., its cuts made voluntary) in 1999, seven years before it would become effective”. (Goldich, 2011) This statement itself says a lot about the importance of the defense forces and the trends observed in the reform or more precisely, cutbacks in expenditure accruing to the military retirement system, through ages.

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The Existent Retirement System for the Defense Sector
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There are provisions of monthly compensation, incentives, and benefits for all retirees. Apart from the retirees who had had an active military career, the disabled retirees as well as the kin of the deceased retirees receive the same amenities after retirement. The retirement allowance of the active military personnel is based on the longevity of their services. Usually, after 20 years of services a person is allowed to retire and enjoy pensions and benefits. The retirement decision of the disabled retirees, on the other hand, may depend on the longevity of service or the degree of disability suffered.

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