The Existence of Gender Inequality.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: The Existence of Gender Inequality. The research will prove that gender inequality manifests itself since there is subsequent believes that inequality is appropriate.

To commence with, gender presents a hidden disparity between individuals. As well, gender is based on a complex properly constructed social form of interactions as well as, biologically through chromosomes, hormonal differences, and brain structure. Grown (2005, p. 43) views that the nature of gender leads to the creation of inequality, which manifests in diverse methods of daily life has far more reaching distinctions made between males and females, and differential treatment is indicated on gender inequality. In such a context, there are weakness-focused on why men should attend to negative stereotypes of women and behave in sexist ways toward their female subordinates. Reflectively, cultural stereotypes contain information about the strengths that women possess. These strengths are contextually irrelevant, and in most cases, these strengthen women into nurturing, communal contribution, and caring.

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The Existence of Gender Inequality.
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The research will invite some theories to ensure that a vivid theoretical idea is generated. In particular, functionalism and conflict theories are responsive to the study since they tend to be macro-sociological theories, which focus on the broad institutional structure of society to explain gender relations. From such an argument, Ives (2009, p. 43) is under the view that sociologists have engaged a direct focus on social interaction as a context for understanding gender. Supportively, Worell (2001, p. 53) believes that in most societies male superiority and female inferiority, which was disputed by the traditional acceptance of social roles. Concerning the theoretical assessment, the research will also be proving that the culture of dominance relies on the myth that males are superior and by virtue of this fact they dominate and protect&nbsp.all those who are inferior, women inclusive.

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