The Core of the Hippocratic Tradition

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Core of the Hippocratic Tradition. A social, religious, or civil code of behavior considered correct, especially that of a group, profession, or individual. Medically, particularly in issues in dropping patients from the transplant list, ethics espouses principles such as autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice. The paper focuses on organ transplant lists, how patients can qualify and be disqualified from this list, ethical principles in organ transplant, and how these principles can be used to criticize a patient dropping from the transplant list.

Organ transplant list is a waiting list for patients waiting for organ transplantation surgery, to be performed on them. It is a computerized list that contains information about people waiting for an organ transplant operation. This information is mostly medical. In the list, there is no ranking order for patients deciding who will get the organ first. Also, a person’s position in the list will not change i.e. going up or down when another patient gets an organ. Different organ transplants have different factors to be considered to qualify for the waiting list. Wealth, citizenship, and social status have considerations in any of these transplants. Some of the factors considered include. geographical location, results of medical tests, clinical or medical status, the time elapsed while waiting, and tissue marching results (Wilkinson & Leslie, 256).

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The Core of the Hippocratic Tradition
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Several factors may be considered before dropping a patient from the transplant list. One of the factors is the psychological state of the patient. Patients waiting for an organ transplant go through sessions of psychological evaluations. If the patients fail to meet the required standards of psychological state, they can be withdrawn from the list. In most cases, it is mental retardation that will lead to a patient’s disqualification. The patient’s financial capability to pay for the organ transplant procedure is another factor to be considered.

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