The Bermuda Triangle

“Only God and the Sea knows what happened to those great ships”- U. S. President Woodrow Wilson . By this quote Woodrow Wilson argues that while having so many incidents over the pass century within the area of the Bermuda Triangle; many people make inferences on what they believe is true , but no one actually knows the truth behind it all . The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area of the North Atlantic Ocean and it lies between Miami ,Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico, and of course the Island of Bermuda. The Bermuda Triangle is 140,000 Sq. miles in size . (Paranormal Encyclopedia . om) The Bermuda Triangle has become a controversial issue world wide. The Bermuda Triangle is a social issue due to: The history of it, Paranormal Activity, and how it has effected people in strange ways. . The Bermuda Triangle was first discussed by Christopher Columbus in the late 15th century . Christopher Columbus first wrote about it in a journal entry in 1492. He wrote that . “ A Great flame of fire crashed into the sea one night and that a strange light appeared a few weeks later. ”After hearing this story many people thought it was a meteor and left the story alone for years and years.
In 1918 when a Navy seal ship; the Cyclops with 300 men aboard and 10,000 tons ore on board sank somewhere between Barbados and Chesapeake Bay. However, the ship never sent out an SOS distress call. ( “But the region didn’t get its name until August 1964, when Vincent Gaddis coined the term Bermuda Triangle in a cover story for Argosy magazine about the disappearance of Flight 19. ”) The disappearance– of the aircraft (Flight 19) was flown by Amelia Earhart from Fort Lauderdale to start her (Around the World journey) but was never completed because in 1965 her plain had circumnavigation and disappeared within the Bermuda Triangle area.
Strange history waled to the Bermuda Triangle has also led to many nicknames and paranormal theories. The Bermuda Triangle has many different names such as : “The Twilight Zone”, “Port of Missing Ships”, “Hoodoo Sea”, “Triangle Of Death”, “and “Limboo Of the Lost” but the most famous name is “The Devil’s Triangle,”(TDT). They call it that because many people came up with the theory that the devil is at play and has a lot to do with the deaths within the Bermuda Triangle area.

However others think that it’s a black hole sucking the ships into another dimension or others theories state that the lost city of Atlantis and possibly UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Object) have a lot to do with the disappearances. Many people have different answers but who are we to say if it’s true or not . There has been record of proof to show that someone has survived a wreck in the Bermuda Triangle. People pass through The Bermuda Triangle everyday and come home alive (Cary Gordon) her plane lost control when flying over the Bermuda Triangle and she was able to control the plane and land it in Miami in 2007.
There is still unknown information left unsolved about the Bermuda Triangle and many people are willing to continue their research until they find out the real mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. There has been stories of how the Bermuda Triangle has affected people in a lot of ways like in a book based on the Bermuda Triangle (“Secrets and Mysteries of the World”)- Author Sylvia Brown wrote that “ My doctor friend reported seeing a pyramid crystal on the top under the water. He tried to get closer to it but was repelled by what seems to be an electric force that went through his body and apparently cured his cancer. In conclusion the Bermuda Triangle has been a social justice issue due to: paranormal activity; the history of it; and how it has effected people in many ways. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most famous phenomena in history to have as many disappearances ;ship and plane wrecks in the history of wrecks. The Bermuda Triangle will be discussed for years to come due to it’s controversy and many different theories. To the mystery is still left unsolved and still will be forever unknown until it has been solved.

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