The Adventures of Ibn Battuta.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Adventures of Ibn Battuta. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. A primary source of the book was the rihla or a book of travels, originally commissioned by Sultan Abu ‘Inan, the Marinid ruler of Morocco back in 1356. This book of travels was a collaboration between Ibn Battuta, himself, and Ibn Juzayy, an Andalusian literary scholar. Dunn got hold of several versions and translations of this rihla the most important of which were those in French copies since numerous manuscripts from Morocco was transferred to France after the French occupation of Algeria. Dunn also cited an extensive body of literature on Ibn Battuta’s travels in encyclopedia entries, popular summaries, and critical commentaries. Hence, the book is a chronicle of Ibn Battuta’s adventures based on the traveler’s own writings and Dunn’s own observations and interpretations of his sources. What is interesting about Dunn’s approach to his account of Ibn Battuta’s exploits is that he did not merely translate his writings. Instead, he integrated a dimension in the book that explored the traveler’s personality. What this means is that the book is not only about what has been seen in the travels but how the marvels, the personalities and the experience were for Ibn Battuta. All of the diverse adventures and magnificent locals were united in one coherent narrative because of the focus on Ibn Battuta as well. For Dunn, he is not merely a tool by which the world in the fourteenth century unfolded. Ibn Battuta was a subject coequal with his travels in the way the book explored its concerns. In this regard, a good portion of the book was devoted to his life, his upbringing and perspectives.

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