Test Critique of a Psychological Test Instrument.

I will pay for the following article Test Critique of a Psychological Test Instrument. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. MBTI undergoes a regular revision that is backed by an enormous database, research, and development. All test data is collected over time to form an enormous database that guided the subtle improvements to indicate. The indicator’s publisher, Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP), has developed an online indicator administration system that not only administers an unsupervised version of the indicator online but also professionally interprets the results (Bastiaansen et al., 2011. Consulting Psychologists Press, 2014).

The Myers-Briggs Model of Personality is based on four preferences. extraversion (E) or introversion (I). sensing (S) or intuition (N). thinking (T) or feeling (F). and judgment (J) or perception (P). The four preferences are placed in different combinations to form a four-letter personality type code that identifies an individual’s personality (DeFruyt et al., 2009). MBTI helps individuals identify their personalities by focusing on four areas. where an individual focuses their attention. how they take in information. how they make decisions based on the collected information. and how they deal with their community (Myers, 2014). In essence, based on the model, there are only 16 personality types as shown in Appendix I. The indicator only determines preferences that form personality but does not measure character, trait, or ability.

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E and I are the attitude preferences, S and N are the perceiving preferences, while T and F are the judging functions. P and J refer to the T/F and S/N dichotomies of how the individual deals with the external environment. J-types individuals plan and organize their approach to their daily interaction with the environment and prefer order in their lives with everything well settled. P-type individuals are more spontaneous and are often flexible in their approach to every day activities by keeping all their available options open until the last&nbsp.possible minute.&nbsp.

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