Ten Influential Photographs that Changed the World

Throughout the semester we have explored the many ways photography has been used to document and examine the world.  Please watch the following TED Talk.
Johnathan  Klein: Photos that changed the world
13 Photographs that changed the world:
Read the blog article, Thirteen Photographs That Changed the World – The author compiles a list that decidedly
favors photojournalistic approaches over fine art. The list has been hotly debated, with critics often citing
additional images that they feel should have been included in the list. 
After reading the article and watching the TED Talk you are going to create your own exhibit of Ten influential photographs that you believe can impact and perhaps change the world, they cannot be from the textbook or the power points.   You may want to consider a theme for your exhibition (think of the Family of Man exhibit).  The theme can be anything you want it to be that you believe to be thought provoking and powerful.  Some examples are the racial tensions, Ferguson, MO. and the Black Lives Matter movement, the Syrian refugee crisis, global warming, sporting events such as the Invictus Games,  LGBT issues, effects of social media, to name a few.  There is no right or wrong choice here, just whatever you find to be compelling and provocative.   There should be a cohesiveness to your exhibition. 
You are going to create your exhibition using Power Point.  (contact me if you do not have access to Power Point)  You will be including each image on a separate slide.
For the text part of the exhibit (think of a museum label) Include the photographer’s name, title and date of the photograph, and where you located them.  You may want to search for your images using the references I have provided for you in the introductory module, or search by event, topic, artists, museum collection, Library of Congress, George Eastman House, The History Place, etc.  You may use the Internet to find your images.  Please cite your sources using MLA format.
Consider what you personally believe to be powerful, inspirational and influential about these photographs and explain in 1-2 paragraphs per image why the image is important and part of the exhibition.  Do not use personal pronouns.  For example:  Do not say “I chose this image because…” You can explain why the image is included in the exhibit without using personal pronouns.  This is considered to be the “research paper” portion of the assignment. 
You can include the image and the text box on the same slide or the text can follow the image on a separate slide.  Be aware of the flow of your exhibition.  If we were walking through an actual museum exhibition, such as the Family of Man, what image would you want the audience to see first and what would you want them to see last?  Be creative with the font and background color to support the theme of the exhibition.  Have fun with it, you are the curator.   Please ask any questions about the exhibit assignment in the Exhibit Q&A.      

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