Teenage Hypocrisy

At no other time In life does a person feel more insecurity than during teenage. We are erratic and inconsistent. Our character is in the process of being formed but it is far from being finished. The terrific insecurity produces the need to be accepted, respected and trusted. It is then that hypocrisy in its most innocent and faultless form takes birth because of our craving for these desires. But slowly as we continue to take this horrific curse of adolescence as a blessing, hypocrisy becomes our second nature. Almost involuntary. Think that at least once in our lives we all try becoming someone.
Or try to pretend to be someone we are not. Just to be accepted. Just to fit in. But very rarely do we teenagers stop and think about what we are actually doing. About how we are losing our real selves while trying to be someone else. Someone we will never be. More importantly someone we don’t have to be. I think that at this tender age we fear to stand alone or to be left out. So we do everything we can to walk with the crowd. We try to cluster together in groups and fit ourselves into perfect moulds. It is however like jamming square nails in round slots. What we need to understand is the fact that there are no moulds o fit into.
We all are individuals with different interests, hobbies, point of views, opinions, beliefs and priorities. We should never have to change ourselves or impersonate to be accepted. The type of things we do these days just to be accepted are in my opinion absurd! We conceal too much. We lie too much. We fake too much. All of us typical teenagers seem to have an unwritten set of rules and ethics that rule our lives. One often is to never say anything that may even be remotely offensive to anyone in your presence with the exception of profuse profanity. But the important thing is that you onto need to do this.

In a few years when you look back to reassess the decisions you made and the things you did, you will realize how ridiculous your needs were. How you couldn’t see the reality through the fog of immaturity. Trust me that popular group you trying so hard to be a part of is not worth losing yourself. And can tell you that the people who you think love you right now, won’t even matter in a few years. You are bound fall apart as soon as the mask of hypocrisy falls, even if it is by accident. This is because we are never actually giving anyone a chance to know our real selves and to understand and accept us for who we actually are.
Adolescence is a developmental phase which is prone to hypocrisy. So this teenage hypocrisy is a phase we all are going through or will be growing through. To a large extent teenage hypocrisy is a function of those expectations of adults and peers which conflict with our own feelings and desires. So is important to remember who we are and where do we want to be. And to grow out of this phase of regrets. Unfortunately some of us usually end up believing that hypocrisy is vital to survive in this world of frauds and lies. But that’s not true.
It is important that we accept ourselves and understand that our individuality is not going to isolate us but rather give us a chance to welcome those people in our lives who will accept us for who we are and not for who they think we are. So stand for what you believe in, state what you really feel and don’t worry about what others will think. In a nutshell all want to say is that don’t ever change yourself for anyone or anything. That person you are trying to be is not half as awesome as you are. Learn to respect you uniqueness. Because you are one of a kind.

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