Team Discussi

The Broom model of leadership examines how leaders go about making decisions and the approach of assessing the situation before determining the best leadership style. (Bateman & Snell, 2011). The Broom model evaluates seven situational factors for problem analysis that include; decision significance, importance of commitment, leaders expertise, likelihood of commitment, group support for objectives, group expertise and team competence. (Bateman & Snell, 2011)

Flexibility and the ability to practice situational leadership decision-making is an ideal model for an effective leader, according to the Broom leadership model. In the Broom model of leadership, leaders are able to assess different situations and determine which approach will be most effective in delivering the message to his or her team. The process includes: whether he or she will talk to his or her team individually or as a team to get input from the team; the leader also will determine whether they will facilitate or delegate tasks to elf accomplish the goal or task. Teammate & Snell, 2011) Depending how urgent the matter is will determine how decisive leader will have time to consult with others. All circumstances take a situational approach. Fiddlers approach explains how an employee who is task motivated seems to perform better when there is something that needs to be completed. Delegating could be the best approach for people who are motivated in this capacity. A person who is driven by the relationships of heir co workers seems to perform better in areas where there are interpersonal situation that are needed.

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Team Discussi
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