Teacher Tribute

I would like to tribute this to one of my favorite teachers throughout my years at Lawrence Middle School, Mr. Hughes. The most important teacher in my life I would have to say would be my 8th grade history teacher Mr. Hughes my 8th grade history teacher. The way he taught was perfect it was easy to intake all the information’s because he would make learning the lesson fun. For example I remember we were learning about slavery and how north and south had fought, he divided the class into two one was the south and the other the north.
We had to argue and battle why we each side wanted what they want and we would have to back it up and the winning team would get money or some kid of reward. He made me look at school from a whole another perspective. If it wasn’t for him I would probably not doing so good in school an not caring about graduating. If it wasn’t for his teaching and his lectures he gave me I would not be the person I am now, nor would I have been close to graduating because before him I did not really care for school and learning. He told me so many things that you needed in life and how to become successful and the things you need to do to accomplish it.
I remember we were selling chocolate for a school fundraiser an he bought a whole box of me just to show he cared. He was an amazing teacher who i will never forget. He was the only teacher who i liked listening lectures from because he just made them so much interesting changing his voice or the tone whatever it was he needed to do to make the class stay awake an learn he did. Mr. Hughes has past way he was sick an got injured and never got better he was a very wise man. I would just like to say R. I. P Mr. Hughes the teacher who made a difference in not my life but in many more others lives and just the way life is looked upon.

He lived his life to the fullest I believe he did everything he wanted to he would always have these crazy stories he would tell us give us life lessons on what to do an the wise things. Their isn’t a day that goes by an I don’t think of him. His sense of humor which made learning so much fun. His Aphorism’s he would speak of an compare them to life. That’s why I wanted to do a tribute to him because of him being one of my favorite teachers throughout my years learning. Mr. Hughes is the most important teacher that i have had in my life.

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