Systems and Benefits of Managerial Organizations.

I will pay for the following article Systems and Benefits of Managerial Organizations. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Publication of military standards aided the inspection of military products. During the 1970s the U.S received an awakening on the significance of quality. Increased competition from foreign firms especially from Japan resulted in a reduction in the market share of many firms. For instance, the market share of Detroit in the auto market reduced from 71.3% in 1980 to 62.5% in 1991. U.S made computers sold within the U.S reduced from 94% to 66% during this period. Quality became a global revolution affecting every business. Baldrige National quality award was legislated resulting in a remarkable interest in quality among businessmen in America. It became clear that the ability of any firm to achieve a market edge over its competitors was to dwell on a strategy that was quality-driven (Liker, 2011).

Worker responsibility in qualitative manufacturing was emphasized by W. Taylor’s concept of scientific management. Focusing on jobs decomposition to small tasks and efficient production meant that inspection was an n independent quality control department in Organizations

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Systems and Benefits of Managerial Organizations.
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This essay covers the concept of quality while evaluating the perspectives of the concept in the manufacturing process and its effect, benefits and challenges to Organizations from an economic point of view.

Quality control can be defined as the totality of features of a product that bears on its ability to satisfy consumer needs. Many people view quality as having some level of superiority or having no defects. This definition means that Organizations must be able to identify the different features of products that determine consumer satisfaction in order to formulate a measurement proxy for quality. A good example is how Toyota engineers developed the Lexus model. The engineers put different companies’ cars including Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes in test runs.

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