SWOT of tomato for Greece

Growing crop out in the open area (less energy, no artificial water). 3. Production is a twice as many tomatoes as the Netherlands. Weaknesses 1. Logistics. 2. Exports. 3. Technology. Opportunities 1 . Wonderland in northern Greece. 2. Dutch Technology. Threats 1. Pests and humidity. 2. Weather hot summer. 3. Single currency. 4. Competition (Dutch). 5. “Dutch Disease” SOOT summary.
In the world of Tomato, Greece has an important role, because of opportunity for becoming a main exporter for Europe. Every year Greece gathers harvests two times: winter through unheated greenhouses and summer in the open area. But Despite the abundance, Greece has problems with logistics for exporting and absence of new technology for growing and packaging. Nowadays, some growers have started investing in new technology, including one $30 million project called Wonderland in rather Greece.
Tough the Greeks aren’t the tomato-growing giants, here are the Dutch tomato business and Spaniards is doing well. After entering single currency, Greece had a short-term happiness, but long-term tragedy, as “Dutch Disease”. So, Greece must work with his weaknesses, such as logistic or technology, for best future of production tomatoes. References: 1 . Gumball P. (2013), Welcome to Ground Zero of the Modern European Tomato. SOOT of tomato for Greece By Zamia-Diadem

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SWOT of tomato for Greece
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