SWOT of Moscone Center

Nosecone Center Nosecone Center is a largest convention center located in Downtown San Francisco, which it comprises three main halls: two underground halls underneath Herbal Buena Gardens, known as Nosecone North and Nosecone South, and a three-level Nosecone West exhibition hall across 4th street. The exhibit hall floor is built with over 700,000 square Ft. (65,Mom square). There are up to 106 meeting room consisted with 256, 225 square Ft. (23,804. Mm square).
Nosecone Center was built in 1981 with only one single hall Nosecone South. It is owned by SMUG, known a Spectator Management Group. Many large professional gatherings are held in the venue such as Femoral, Oracle Openwork, Macdonald Expo, the Microsoft’s Build, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and Google 1/0. The biggest strength of Nosecone Center is that it provides various meeting rooms setup in order to accommodate different groups’ needs.
As the largest conference venue in the city, it offers full-equipped service for business people where they find convenience and ease for having events the whole day in this place. Nosecone Center provides various and complete services such as Audio Visual, Catering, Phone, Internet, Convention Television, Theatrical/ Lighting/Rigging and Emergency Medical Service, etc. Nosecone Center provides its own catering service on-site for meeting groups, which is another advantage for the company itself.

Savor SMUG,a San Franciscans premier large-scale catering and event services company, provides whether quick business luncheon or a thousand-guest gala to help turn conference successfully. There is no limitation, people can choose to dine off-site. As Nosecone Center locates in the heart of San Francisco, where is easily accessible to public transportations such as transit, BART, mini and Calamari, to hotels and to other attraction places in the city. Nosecone Center does not include a public parking facilities.
Since it locates in a prosperous district, which is also the weakness for the company itself as parking is not convenient if people choose to drive there and traffic can be crowded during rush hours. The other weakness is the building of the center. Since it consists with three buildings, attendants can get lost by find the building and the conference room. Opportunities are always vast for equines. The bay area has lots of large high-tech companies, especially in Silicon Valley. Those companies need large space for company meetings or gatherings.
Like I said earlier, many professional gatherings are held in Nosecone Center, such as Google, which locates in the south of the bay in Mountain View. Other opportunities are possible for the company such as sport events like Super Bowl. They might need to have venue for meetings about staff training prior to the Super Bowl day. The threat of Nosecone Center is conference groups can choose meeting venues at hotels instead Nosecone Center because hotels are more convenient by providing not only meeting spaces, but the guestrooms as well.
Therefore, guests can stay at the same locations where they can have more time and energy, especially when the weather is unstable. Such a large property requires lots of resources to be operated, as a result, it threatens the environment. According to California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, prior to 1996, the center disposed more than 2,000 tons of SOOT of Nosecone Center By grace satisfactory service in operation while balancing the usage of resources.

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