Sustainable Societies

Need help with my writing homework on Sustainable Societies. Write a 2250 word paper answering; It is also given that, 100 years ago, the crew in the Genesis project—which consisted of 99 individuals—was awakened to find out that their supply ship that was supposed to accompany them on the mission was destroyed. They had to land their ship on the destination planet, there is not enough energy for them to return to earth, and now they are being forced to make do with what they have until the next ship arrives in 100 years. Obviously, very little or none of the original population will still be around when that time arrives, but their children and other descendants will be if the crew takes care of their immediate and long-standing needs appropriately.

The crew has located a small island on the planet that is heavily vegetated and capable of sustaining life. Temperatures range from -10 to 100 degrees F and there is a small freshwater lake available at the summit of a mountain. In order to scout the island for possible supplies, the crew has been broken up into teams, each with a particular task to perform. The purpose of this paper is to discuss possible solutions for the crew with regard to water and waste treatment, food, shelter and clothing, medical needs, and reproduction/population so that their descendants will be available to greet the next transport ship that arrives in 100 years.

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Sustainable Societies
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It is given that 90% of the planet’s surface is salt water, so that is obviously not suitable for drinking water. The small freshwater lake that was located near the mountain’s summit, however, will be.

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